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Introducing InsideRIA.com

I got this tidbit in one of my emails..   Should be a really neat project between O’Reilly and Adobe. 

InsideRIA LogoWhat is InsideRIA?:

InsideRIA.com is an online community developed by O’Reilly and sponsored by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Our goal is to create an invaluable resource for information on the ever-changing state of design and development of rich Internet applications (RIAs).

InsideRIA brings some of the leading members of the RIA community together, where you can engage with them in an ongoing narrative about where RIA technology is headed. We hope InsideRIA will become your first-stop resource to stay on top of news, events, opinions, and learning. The site and the community will evolve over time, and you’ll see a healthy amount of tweaking (based on your feedback) in the coming months.

We’ve started with general topic areas on Design, Development, and Standards, which will feature blog posts and multimedia content. InsideRIA will also feature articles each month on a variety of RIA-centric topics. Community involvement is extremely important to the success of InsideRIA, and you and other members of the community can participate by sharing your ideas through feedback on articles, videos, tutorials and other features. We’re hoping some of you will even join us as guest bloggers.


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